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Love Boo - Splendidly Soothing Bath Soak


A deeply relaxing soak for mums and mums-to-be!                                   

Every ingredient in our super-softening Bath Soak (250 ml) has been carefully selected for its safe yet soothing properties. A pampering blend of white water lily and mallow deeply moisturise while chamomile and arnica soothe tired and achy muscles and leave skin super supple. Natural rose extract helps calm and pamper your skin. Perfect for those pregnancy aches and pains and marvellously healing once you've given birth - an absolute must for every Mummy and Mum-to-be!

 Gently cleanses and softens the skin

 Helps soothe tired muscles and achy bones

 Arnica extract helps relieve itchy tummies

How To Use:

Our dreamy Bath Soak is loaded with amazing ingredients to treat mind and body! To use, add a couple of capfuls to warm, running water then let your worries float away! Follow with Love Boo Miracle Oil or Body Smoother. Safe for use when pregnant and nursing. Did you know...

 Soaking for ten minutes or more in Bath Soak will leave your skin softer than ever thanks to a moisturising blend of mallow and white water lily. To double the benefit, apply Boo Boo Body Smoother while skin is slightly damp.

 Thanks to arnica and chamomile extracts, itchy, achy tummies and limbs will feel immediately relieved after soaking. Rose geranium is well known for it's calming, relaxing properties so close the door, light a couple of candles and... relax. You deserve it!

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