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Love Boo - Very Gentle Top-to-Toe Wash


The perfect shampoo and body wash for babies!

Our natural Top-To-Toe shampoo and body wash (250 ml) for babies and toddlers is perfect for cleansing delicate skin. Softening oats and conditioning olive oil leave your little one's skin and hair silky, conditioned and moisturised. It's ultra-mild and kind enough to use everyday. Leaves your cuties kissably clean!

 Cleanses hair leaving it soft and conditioned

 Washes skin without drying

 Perfect for the whole family 

How to Use:

No wonder Love Boo's Very Gentle Top-to-Toe Wash is our all-time best-seller! To use, simply rub a tummy button-sized drop onto Baby’s damp skin and hair. Rinse, dry and snuggle. Safe for use from birth. Did you know...

 The tiniest amount creates masses of creamy bubbles to gently cleanse Baby's hair and body.

 It's a desert-island must-have - if you only take one bathroom product on holiday, make sure it's this one - the whole family can cleanse and wash hair with it, you can swish it into the bath to make bubbles and even use it as a shaving foam. You'll wonder how you all managed without it!

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